WELCOME TO CARICA WINES! Critically-acclaimed, single-vineyard wines. Hand-crafted in California. Since its founding in 2005, Carica Wines has been making wine of extraordinary character from small lots of premium grapes.

About Carica Wines

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The name "Carica" means . . .

The name Carica, and the fig leaf on the label, are inspired by the fig trees (botanical name Ficus carica) that still flourish on the hillsides of premiere, northern California vineyards. Together, the grapevine and fig tree have traditionally symbolized a life filled with peace and prosperity.

About the Winemaker

Beginning in 2010, Carica Wines’ original winemaker and founding owner, Charlie Dollbaum, has taken over every aspect of the winery.  Charlie has been Carica Wines’ “hands on” winemaker from the beginning.  He monitors the grapes all summer, checking ripeness and sugar content obsessively as harvest time nears.  He is in the field before sunrise when crews hand-harvest the grape clusters.  Then he performs every step of the winemaking process, from crush through fermentation, choosing the kinds of barrels for each varietal, and designing the specific aging program for each wine.  

Drawing on his science background, including a PhD in microbiology, and over a decade of private winemaking, Charlie launched Carica Wines in 2005 with the mission to make the highest quality wine.  For him, wine must authentically represent the true characteristics of the particular varietal and must be exquisitely balanced in flavor and acidity.

Making Wine in an Urban Environment

In 2009, Carica Wines moved from Sonoma County to San Francisco’s East Bay. Now located on the very edge of the Bay, Carica Wines makes wine and has a scenic Tasting Room in a newly restored WWII structure in Richmond's historic Shipyards District.  This urban location means that Carica Wines enjoys a place with ideal proximity to California’s premiere wine grape growing regions, a place with a year-round temperate climate perfectly suited for winemaking, and a place in the midst of a burgeoning community of adventuresome lovers of food and wine.


Over more than 10 years, Carica Wines has sought out premium northern California vineyards as the starting point for small lot wines of extraordinary character.  Not being limited to a single estate empowers Carica Wines to realize a winemaker's dream of excellent fruit wherever it can be found.

Sources of winegrapes--always sustainably grown--include

  • Bennett Valley, Sonoma County
  • Jemrose Vineyard
  • Moaveni Vineyard
  • Eaglepoint Ranch, Mendocino County
  • Ritchie Vineyard, Russian River Valley
  • Kick Ranch, Sonoma County
  • Clements Hills, San Joaquin County

1325 Canal Blvd. | Richmond, CA 94804